Lazying by Lake Como

Have you found that your summers seem to be getting shorter every year? For me summer used to be an endless time that stretched on for months, free from any serious pressures or obligations. Since graduating everything seems to have suddenly changed – leisure time has become scarce! Most of my friends have jobs or have moved away and coordinating meetings can be difficult. Finding … Continue reading Lazying by Lake Como

Afternoon Tea at the Ritz London

Ever wanted to know what true luxury feels like? Try having afternoon tea at the Ritz London! This traditional British experience offers you the chance to dine in the Palm Court as musicians play and chandeliers glisten above you. With elegant waiters offering 18 different types of loose-leaf tea, sparkling champagne, finely cut sandwiches and perfect pastries this is guaranteed to be an experience you’ll … Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the Ritz London

The Californian University Experience

When I heard I was going to be spending my year abroad at UCSD I felt like I had won the lotto! I had always dreamed of seeing California, the university looked incredible and who wouldn’t want to spend a year living in sunny San Diego? So that September I packed my bags and set off on a 20 hour journey to a country where … Continue reading The Californian University Experience

Tips for Moving to London

“There are much more jobs in the UK  – The training is better in the UK – Career progression is easier in the UK” As Irish graduates this is something we hear all the time – unfortunately for some professions it seems to be true! So if you’re like me and you find that you are moving to London, here are some tips to make the … Continue reading Tips for Moving to London

The Culture Shock Challenge

Moving somewhere new is a great adventure! However, after the excitement of arriving drains, culture shock begins to set in. While the only real cure for this is time – there are some things you can do to help process the change! Food A plate is placed before you. You try not too look horrified. Your new local friends beam with pride at introducing you … Continue reading The Culture Shock Challenge