My time in Twickenham

Everybody seemed very excited with the idea of my move to London – it was a great opportunity! I wasn’t so sure – it all seemed quite daunting! Having just finished my undergrad I was facing the same predicament that many new graduates find themselves in – what do I do next? I had lived abroad twice before but this time was different. I wasn’t … Continue reading My time in Twickenham

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Tips for Moving to London

“There are much more jobs in the UK  – The training is better in the UK – Career progression is easier in the UK” As Irish graduates this is something we hear all the time – unfortunately for some professions it seems to be true! So if you’re like me and you find that you are moving to London, here are some tips to make the … Continue reading Tips for Moving to London

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The Culture Shock Challenge

Moving somewhere new is a great adventure! However, after the excitement of arriving drains, culture shock begins to set in. While the only real cure for this is time – there are some things you can do to help process the change! Food A plate is placed before you. You try not too look horrified. Your new local friends beam with pride at introducing you … Continue reading The Culture Shock Challenge