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Chatting over Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing like a steaming mug of hot chocolate to warm these cold winter days! Living away from home often means we have a lot of catching up to do and what better way for a winter reunion than by indulging in a chocolaty treat! Here in Galway we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to hot chocolate – check out some of my favourites!

Cupán Tae, 8 Quay Lane

For a traditional Irish atmosphere, Cupán Tae Galway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolateserves hot chocolate to your Granny’s standard. It has cups, saucers, doilies, napkins and embroidered tablecloths. Upright crockery adorns shelves, while shamrocks sit in the place of flowers on the tables. Chocolate topped foam occupies one third of the cup. The mini marshmallows are suspended throughout it as the rising heat from the milk allows them to slowly flavour the foam with a creamy texture.

Galway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolateCaprice Cafe, 1 Church Lane

Enjoy the relaxing blue hues of Caprice’s interior decor as you are greeted by a large ceramic mug. Light, sugary marshmallows lie trapped between wisps of white foam surrounded by chocolate bubbling around the edges. Twirl the spoon and watch the marshmallow’s colours slowly blend into the warm milk.Galway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolate

Goyas Bakery, 3 Kirwan’s Lane

For an extra special treat try Goyas! Made with a mixture of melted milk and dark chocolate this scrumptious beverage is one you won’t forget. Chocolate covered foam laden with marshmallows threatens to overflow as melted chocolate sticks to your stirring spoon. Don’t worry about when it’s finished – lots of the melted chocolate hides at the bottom!

Galway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolate

The Sitting Duck Cafe, 37 Eyre Street

This newly opened cafe offers a hot chocolate for everyone with with the option of several flavours: Mars, Ferrero, Bounty, After 8, Terry’s and Mocha Caramello. Mini marshmallows sit nestled in a spiraling mountain of cream, morsels of Mars bars and dark chocolate sauce trickle down its edges into the milk below. The mountain begins to sink into the rising chocolate foam, creating the perfect blend of Mars, cream and milk. See can you identify Galway’s best known landmarks and characters portrayed in the cafe’s decor as you pamper yourself with this dessert-like drink!

Costa Coffee, 21 Quay StreetGalway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolate

Curl up in one of Costa’s comfy chairs as you catch up with friends. This hot chocolate arrives in a tall, glass mug. A large portion of chocolate flavored foam sprinkled with powder sits at the top. The large marshmallows slowly soften, while their upper halves remain intact for you to relish.It is accompanied by a long thin sundae spoon ideal for scooping out the milk without disturbing the melting marshmallows floating above. These drinks are very big so there’s no need to spend extra on the large.

Mr Waffle, Newcastle Road

Galway Ireland coffee shop cafe hot chocolate

Another great spot for long chats is Mr Waffle, located on the corner of University Road between NUIG and the Hospital. This glass fronted cafe allows you to watch the world rush past as you relax. A large mug with foam rising above its edges appears before you. On the surface of the white foam is a surprise artistic design, executed in chocolate powder or syrup. The marshmallows are placed on the saucer, giving you the power over when you wish the melting process to begin.

Hope you enjoy trying them – let me know what you think!





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  1. Oh my! I wouldn’t be able to help myself! I’d have to start my day with this or end it or maybe in the middle of the day have one! Hahahaha. Another great post! Thanks for sharing something yummy!!!!!!

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