Hawaii beach Honolulu Oahu


Home to white sandy beaches, tropical forests and exotic wildlife – Oahu is a destinationHawaii beach Honolulu Oahu surf surfboards you’ll never want to leave! After an unforgettable week, I can honestly say that TV doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this sun soaked paradise. While reaching Hawaii is a long and expensive trek from Ireland, if you already happen to be in the States it’s manageable. It’s a 6 hr flight from LA and cheap prices can be found if you shop around. So if you happen to be nearby make sure you don’t miss it!

Hawaii Honolulu Oahu manoa falls paradise park hiking

Bring your hiking gear

Get into the heart of Hawaii’s stunning scenery with trails up volcanoes, through lush Hawaii Honolulu Oahu manoa falls paradise park hikingforests and to dazzling waterfalls. One of my favourites was a hike which takes you on a journey past the waterfall Manoa Falls and through a forest of palm trees, bamboo and tropical plants until you reach the incredible views at the summit. Once you are on thisHawaii Honolulu Oahu manoa falls paradise park hiking trail you will understand why Jurassic Park  was filmed here – it is truly a place you could imagine a dinosaur living!

For a panoramic view of the island try the Diamond Koko head crater trail hiking Hawaii Honolulu OahuHead Trail – here you begin inside an inactive volcano crater and climb to the rim.

Follow the old tram line to the top of the Koko Head Trail and be rewarded with awe-inspiring sights of Hanauma Bay. This climb is guaranteed to get your heart racing so make sure you bring lots of water and avoid the midday sun. For those who dislike heights there is a bridge about half way up, luckily this can be easily bypassed.


hiking trekking Hawaii Honolulu Oahu

Go snorkeling

The sea is teaming with schools of rainbow-colored fish and coral reefs so if you can, bring yourBeach Hawaii Honolulu Oahu own snorkel or goggles. Don’t worry if you’re uncomfortable swimming in deep water, these fish can be found a few meters from the shore in water up to your waist. If you’re very lucky a beach turtle Hawaii Honolulu Oahuturtle might even swim past! Or perhaps you will meet one taking a nap on the beach. You might even see a man catching an octopus-like creature with a spear. Do your research on which beaches are safe – you don’t want to swim where the sharks like to hang out!

Lanikai Beach

Although all of the beaches are fabulous this one was definitely my favourite! Watch the orange glow of the setting sun between the island or visit during the day and swim in the crystal blue water. You might even find some coconuts beneath the beach’s palm trees!

Rent a car

This is not the cheapest thing to do as under 25’s pay extra but it’s definitely worth it if you want to truly explore the island.

Explore Honolulu

If you fancy a more relaxing day venture into the city where you can take surfing lessons on Waikiki Beach, watch free hula dancing shows and eat lunch in parks surrounded by parrots. For those interested in the history of the island, Pearl Harbour is well worth a visit.

sunset beach Hawaii Honolulu Oahu


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