Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town city walls sea


Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town Stradun galwaygirlabroadAre you a sun worshiper looking for an idyllic holiday? A Game of Thrones fan dying to see King’s Landing? Or a student looking for a budget holiday? Croatia has something for everyone!


Entering the Old Town of Dubrovnik is like walking into a fairy tale. The city walls guard the ancient streets, actors in full medieval clothing mill between the tourists and settings from Game of Thrones hide behind every corner.

   Top tips:

Rent jetDubrovnik Croatia sea beach skis – Race across the clear, blue seas of the Adriatic towards the city walls as you speed past yachts, stop for lunch on hidden beaches and explore the haunted islands that dot Dubrovnik’s coastline. Jet skis are significantly cheaper here than in other destinations; sharing also saves money, we fit three people on one and took turns driving. Don’t worry about this being boring – it’s thrilling no matter where you’re sitting. Be careful to avoid the film crews –  as we learned, they don’t want to film jet skis flying past their medieval battles!Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town city walls

Walk the city walls – Become entranced by the endless sea of orange rooftops and picturesque ocean views. This is an ideal photo moment so leave lots of time for photography. To avoid serious heat try to do this either in the early in the morning or in the evening.

Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town city walls castle

Appreciate the cuisine – Although Dubrovnik is slightly more expensive than other parts of Croatia eating out regularly is still affordable. Pizza and pasta are very popular so it’s heaven if you’re like me and these are your favorites!

Stay in Old Town – This has the advantage of being within walking distance of the main attractions, sea and nightlife. There are lots of student budget Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town city walls Stradunapartments on Bookings.com and airbnb.

Flights – Flights outside of Dubrovnik are often cheaper, this has the added advantage of allowing you to see more of the country.


Visit Plitvice Lakes 

If you love stunning scenery or simply want to feel the spray of a waterfall on your face, Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park waterfallPlitvice Lakes is not to be missed! Let the wooden walkways take you on an unforgettable stroll over 16 lakes and through endless waterfalls. For the braver hikers you can also adventure into the woods and see if you can spot a bear! Don’t worry if you don’t love exercisCroatia Plitvice Lakes National Park waterfalle – the waterfall trail isn’t too taxing!

While having a car is the easiest way to visit the lakes, you can also access it from the cities on direct buses such as buscroatia. There are numerous places to stay, the cheapest being either camping or accommodation outside the park. However, if you don’t have a car I would recommend staying within the park as otherwise it will involve a lot of walking toCroatia Plitvice Lakes National Park large waterfall even reach the trails. The three hotels by Entrance 2 are situated perfectly for the trails. We stayed in Hotel Plitvice
and it was lovely; good food and nice spacious rooms to relax in after a days hiking.

No need to worry about bringing a picnic as there are lunch stops along the trail. There’s even a free ferry so you can soak up the scenery while you relax. Don’t forget your student card as this provides discounts for entering the park.



7 thoughts on “Croatia

    1. Thanks for asking! Unfortunately swimming wasn’t allowed at Plitvice Lakes when we visited but I wouldn’t let that stop you going – there’s still lots of great things to see and do! The currency is Croatia is Kuna, we did find the exchange rate a bit confusing so if you are thinking of planning a trip I would suggest researching it and getting some before you travel 🙂


  1. You write about travel very well! This looks like a wonderful place to visit. How wonderful someone so young as yourself has been able to travel so much. Well done! The best gift you can give yourself. The memories you will have! Thank you kindly for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! It’s a really beautiful place I would definitely recommend it! I’ve always loved travelling and the more I do, the more I realise I’m so fortunate to have had the opportunity – there’s just so much of the world to see and learn about! 🙂

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