The Culture Shock Challenge

Moving somewhere new is a great adventure! However, after the excitement of arriving drains, culture shock begins to set in. While the only real cure for this is time – there are some things you can do to help process the change! Food A plate is placed before you. You try not too look horrified. Your new local friends beam with pride at introducing you … Continue reading The Culture Shock Challenge



Home to white sandy beaches, tropical forests and exotic wildlife – Oahu is a destination you’ll never want to leave! After an unforgettable week, I can honestly say that TV doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this sun soaked paradise. While reaching Hawaii is a long and expensive trek from Ireland, if you already happen to be in the States it’s manageable. It’s a 6 … Continue reading Hawaii



Are you a sun worshiper looking for an idyllic holiday? A Game of Thrones fan dying to see King’s Landing? Or a student looking for a budget holiday? Croatia has something for everyone! Dubrovnik Entering the Old Town of Dubrovnik is like walking into a fairy tale. The city walls guard the ancient streets, actors in full medieval clothing mill between the tourists and settings … Continue reading Croatia